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Even with the fancy water tank in my float, I much prefer the 40 litre WATERBOY on wheels – so versatile and better water pressure.  KM, Wellington

I don't know how we used to manage without our WATERBOY.  Towing two horses to competitions most weekends, we never leave home without a full tank. When we arrive at our destination the WATERBOY is used for everything from filling drinking buckets, washing the horses before and after competing, cleaning the float and cooling everyone off!  SH, Wellington

I’ve had the 80 litre WATERBOY water tank for my float for over 4 years and wouldn’t be without it. Thanks guys.  SJ

Fantastic service from Mark who went the extra mile in his customer service.  I have washed my horses 5 to 6 times and washed my car and WATERBOY has still got lots of charge left.  SC, Hawkes Bay

The 80 litre WATERBOY outdoor washer in our float has been a fantastic bonus as my daughter competes in show jumping and eventing. The water tank has made life so much easier when at horse shows.  CM, greater Auckland

I use it for horses and my husband takes it to the mini-stock car races to rinse the car down before coming home.

I use the WATERBOY portable water tank all the time in my greenhouse. Much easier than getting the garden hose out.

The pressure delivered by the 40 litre WATERBOY portable water tank is better than the pathetic mains pressure coming out of our garden hose.  BL, Silverstream, Hutt Valley

There is a long path from our house down to the road, and our car is parked on the road, so washing our car was a mission before the WATERBOY portable outdoor washer on wheels came along.  LH, Kilbirnie, Wellington

The 40L WATERBOY on wheels was amazing at our competition, it’s simple, quiet and easy to move around, the extra speed we get when crewing when it is hot is super. I have been flat out using it at home too (we have shocking pressure in the wash bay!) and it has been a revelation.  UK, Canterbury

The WATERBOY has to be one of the best horse gear assets! Having a decent pressured hose in the convenience of the horse float has made life so much easier for me. I love that I can finish a nice long trek in summer and then simply hose my horse down before the sweat dries on her and offer her clean water from our own source. Then back at home, float clean up is a breeze, just pick up any manure and then hose the float out with the WATERBOY, job done! I also had grazing at one point with limited water access and having the WATERBOY I was able to wet feeds, wash hands, fill hoof soaking boots etc all with ease. The amount of water that the tank holds is ample (I have the 80L) and the pressure from the hose is excellent. The way the tank is designed means that it takes up very little floor space in even a small float. The WATERBOY comes with quality fittings and charging the battery is super easy. I highly recommend the WATERBOY and think all horse owners should have one, then they wouldn't need to queue to use mine!  FD, Tauranga