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Waterboy for the Beach, Aquatic Sports, Camping, Caravans

Where there is dirt, salt water or any need for fresh water (pressurised or not)… there should be a WATERBOY!

Having your own portable washer with an adjustable nozzle to create either a fine mist or a jet stream has many uses in the recreational arena.

Here are just a few:-

  • Set up an outside shower whilst camping or caravanning
  • Wash the inside and outside of your boat after that successful fishing trip
  • If your vehicle is snowed over, you can use cold water, a scraper, or both to remove ice. This combined with a de-icer will ensure you can enjoy those winter holidays
  • In your summer holidays you can use it clean equipment, wash dishes or have a shower
  • You can collect rainwater to fill up your WATERBOY if you are in remote locations, thereby providing a solution to fresh drinking water as well as being environmentally friendly

There are many others uses. If you have a great idea for using the WATERBOY please let us know.

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