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How do I operate my WATERBOY?

  • Fill with as much clean water as you require, either by removing the lid on top of the tank or through the hose connector in the lid.
  • Plug in hose and sprayhead.
  • Turn red switch on to I.
  • Waterflow is controlled by squeezing sprayhead trigger.
  • Turn red switch off to O when finished.
  • Squeeze trigger to relieve pressure in hose before disconnecting.

Is there are a video I can watch to see how to use the WATERBOY?

  • Yes. How to operate the WATERBOY link yet to be inserted here

Any warnings I need to know about?

  • Do NOT operate continuously for more than 15 minutes maximum. Failure of pump or fuse could result. Allow a cool-down period of a few minutes before using again.
  • Only fill with clean water. Normal soap/shampoo might be okay, but is used at owner’s risk, and tank and pump will need flushing out after use.
  • Clean tank regularly and wash out any residue through opening the drain hole.
  • If freezing temperatures are possible, empty tank through drain hole and run pump for a few seconds with sprayhead trigger squeezed..

How do I charge the battery without removing the battery from the WATERBOY unit?

  • Plug the supplied charger into the socket on the green equipment panel, and connect to mains power, then turn on.
  • Green light on charger indicates connected to battery or power.
  • Red light on charger indicates charger is charging battery.
  • When battery is fully charged the red light will change to green light.
  • Charging time is approx. 5 hours.

What if I can’t get any 230volt power to the WATERBOY to charge it?

If mains power is unavailable close to the WATERBOY unit, the battery may be removed for charging as follows

  • Open the square green equipment panel by removing the 4 knurled knobs.
  • Disconnect the battery and fuse at the white connector.
  • Remove the battery and fuse from the battery bracket by opening the Velcro strap.
  • Use the short adaptor lead (consisting of a small socket on one end and a white connector on the other end) supplied with the charger to make connection between the charger and the battery/fuse white connector.
  • Then charge as above.
  • Refit battery and fuse in WATERBOY unit using Velcro strap, re-connect wiring at white connector and securely fasten equipment panel using the 4 knurled knobs.

Watch a video here…yet to be inserted.

Is any other maintenance of the WATERBOY battery required?

  • For maximum battery life keep your battery charged.
  • Do not forget to charge it during extended periods of non-use.
  • Never leave the battery fully discharged.
  • The sealed gel battery requires no other maintenance.

How do I fix the 80L or 120L WATERBOY into my horse float, truck or other vehicle?

  • Secure the WATERBOY unit in place using the fastening strap provided, or something else capable of securely holding the full tank in place.
  • Locate the fastening strap along the 30mm horizontal groove immediately above the square green panel.
  • Holes may need to be drilled in the framework of the trailer/float/vehicle to attach the hooks of the fastening strap. Alternatively hooks or eyes may need to be welded onto the framework.

Can I buy replacement parts for my WATERBOY portable outdoor washer?

  • Yes, the most popular parts are listed on our website. If the part you require is not there, please email us to find out the price.