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Waterboy for dogs and other animals

Where there is a muddy, dirty, salty, thirsty or hot dog … there should be a WATERBOY!

Whether you have dogs for sport e.g. greyhounds, or have a much loved pet, they will all enjoy being:-

  • Hosed down after a good work out, a muddy frolic, or being in salt water
  • Cooled down quickly to revitalise their hard working metabolism
  • Stimulated to speed up recovery by increasing their circulation
  • Having their temperature brought down faster through the use of a focussed and constant stream of cool water
  • Having drinking water “on tap” anytime, anywhere

The benefit of having a purpose-built WATERBOY Portable Washer means you don’t have to think about water pressure or power. Whether you select our mobile 30L or 40L or static 80L or 120L, all are superb at cooling down your animal safely.

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