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Camping Hot Water - Portable Gas Water Heater


Wouldn’t you love to jump under a hot shower when you return to your campsite, caravan, or motorhome, after enjoying a day at the beach, fishing, diving, biking or tramping in the bush?

Perhaps you like to get away to a hut, bach or crib, but the place doesn’t have hot water.

We have the ideal solution for you – the Portahot portable gas water heater.

Special offer – Portahot plus portable water tank

wb-sign-page.jpgFor $673.95, you get a Portahot portable gas water heater, a 30-litre Waterboy tank to supply the Portahot with portable pressurised water, and an adaptor that allows you to connect the water tank to the inlet of the Portahot. $673.95 package price includes freight to anywhere in New Zealand, and GST.

Place your order for the Portahot/30L Waterboy package.

Portable gas water heater for hot camping showers


Guarantee your supply of camping hot water whenever you want to enjoy the great Kiwi outdoors.

The Portahot portable gas water heater, pictured left, allows you to set the water flow rate and the temperature of the shower water – instantly.

The Portahot provides about 13 hours of glorious hot showers from a single 9kg gas bottle. Use the same gas bottle for both showering and cooking. Water for the Portahot unit can be supplied through a standard high-pressure garden hose attached to a mains water tap. A couple of D-sized batteries will provide around 150 starts for the Portahot. Easy.

Our Portahot portable gas water heater includes:

  • 1.5m gas hose and regulator to connect to your gas bottle
  • 2.0m shower hose and shower rose with on/off switch
  • Easy-connect adaptor for cold water inlet hose
  • Automatic safety cut-out
  • $25 flat-rate freight charge to anywhere in New Zealand
  • Delivery takes 1 – 3 days.

View product details and order the Portahot gas water heater.

Portable water for outdoor showers and washing


For self-sufficient camping, or if tap water is not available, connect your Portahot gas water heater to a 30L Waterboy portable water tank, pictured left, which you can fill from any water source, including rainwater.

The Waterboy, powered by a 12V rechargeable deep-cycle battery, delivers pressurised water to your Portahot gas water heater.

The Waterboy battery will pump 12 tankfuls of water before you’ll need to recharge it.

One 30L tank, operated at a flow rate of 2 litres a minute, will supply 15 minutes of continuous water, before you’ll need to refill the tank.

Use the spray wand attached to a 6m hose (supplied) to quickly wash dirt, mud or saltwater off bikes, boots, or diving gear.

View product details and order the 30L Waterboy.



Portable spray washer has many recreational uses


With many holiday pursuits and sports, being in the sea and in the dirt is part of the fun, but New Zealand conditions can be tough on your gear.

A portable 40L or 80L Waterboy washing unit has lots of power to easily clean all your vehicles and equipment after the serious fun has finished for the day.

With a completely adjustable spray head, the Waterboy washer can produce a fine mist to rinse yourself down, or a powerful jet to quickly remove caked-on dirt, mud, or saltwater from boats, bikes, trailers, vehicles, and other equipment.

The 40L Waterboy portable spray washer, pictured left, includes:

  • 40-litre water tank with a battery-powered pump that supplies pressurised water
  • 6m hose and fittings
  • Spray head.

View product details and order the 40-litre Waterboy, or the 80-litre Waterboy.