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Waterboy around the Home, Apartment or Lifestyle Property

Where there is a need for portable pressurised water … there should be a WATERBOY!

Yes, you can use WATERBOY to:-

  • Wash ground level windows
  • Clean shed or garage floors
  • Wash down balconies in apartments
  • Clean your vehicle

Another great feature of WATERBOY is the ability to leave a unit outside, collecting rainwater which can then be used for light watering of gardens, or by increasing the pressure, using it to wash vehicles or windows etc.

This gives you the benefit of using collected water therefore being environmentally responsible.

In areas where water is rated or limited, it also provides a good cost saving.

WATERBOY can also be a valuable addition to your emergency kit in the event of a natural disaster.

The portability of WATERBOY units is a breeze with several options available in size, capacity and mobility.

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