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Waterboy for Agribusiness

Where there is dirt or dust or a need for portable water … there should be a WATERBOY!

WATERBOY size options range from 30L to 120L. The range includes units on wheels, making them totally mobile, to units easily fixed in place.

WATERBOY can be used to:-

  • Wash down farm equipment and machinery
  • Cool yourself down after a hard day’s work
  • Operate in yards where there is no water or power or poor water pressure
  • Water garden beds, planters or hanging baskets
  • Reduce the hazards of hose pipes or power cords
  • Provide useful storage of water for those times when fresh water is not readily available
  • Collect rainwater for future use. As well as being cost efficient it is also environmentally friendly

WATERBOY can also be used when taking your produce to markets to keep everything looking fresh.

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