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About Us

Several of the WATERBOY products have been available in New Zealand and Australia since 2011, mainly in the equestrian fraternity. The product range is currently expanding into many more markets.

Waterboy NZ Ltd came into existence in September 2015 with the intention of reinvigorating Waterboy throughout Australia and New Zealand.  We are the distributors for the WATERBOY portable outdoor washer for Australia and New Zealand.  Please note that WATERBOY replacement parts for all previous models are also available on this website or contact us.

Mark Shepherd, one of the Directors of Waterboy NZ Ltd was the designer and creator of the well known DVS Home Ventilation System in New Zealand in the early 1990s.  When DVS Ltd was sold in early 2008 Mark and his wife Rebecca kept the distribution rights for the South African made Econo-Heat electric panel heater.  This heater had been available in NZ for the previous 7 years, but with the sale of DVS Ltd they had the time to introduce Econo-Heat to the national retail market in New Zealand.

We believe there are many viable applications of the WATERBOY range in many aspects of our lives, businesses and recreational pursuits,

In this website we have attempted to show you some of these.

Please contact us if there is anything else you need to know.