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Where there is Dirt or Salt Water or simply a need for Fresh Water for any use … there should be a WATERBOY!

Packed with features, the WATERBOY will make cleaning and supplying water so much easier and instant, allowing you to look after yourself, your animals, machinery or equipment:-


  • Tested, used and proven in Australia and New Zealand for over 5 years
  • Space-saving super slim designs
  • No requirement for electricity or plumbing.  Waterboy is a stand-alone, self-sufficient Washer
  • Powerful Removable 12 Volt, 7.5 amp, rechargeable deep cycle battery
  • Battery is charged by simply plugging charger into unit
  • Colour-coded battery charge indicator for easy monitoring
  • Powerful 100psi industrial diaphragm pump with 6m hose
  • Convenient equipment bag - keeps hose and spray head safe
  • High quality brass core spray head, fully adjustable
  • Super silent operation
  • 12 month warranty
  • BETA International Innovation Award in 2010

WATERBOY NZ Ltd delivers to New Zealand and Australia.


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